Digital Asset Custody Solution

Re-Invent Banking

Banking is transforming. Start now and become a part of the growing blockchain world. As banks and financial institutions, you can store your users' crypto assets with the iCredible infrastructure and be the pioneer of the new paradigm.

Become A Digital Asset Custodian

Safe and stable Infrastructure

Develop Blockchain Based Business Models and Processes

Safe and stable Infrastructure

Make Your Users to Buy and Sell Crypto Currencies

Safe and stable Infrastructure

Public Offerings, Fundraising, Share Distributing

Safe and stable Infrastructure

Profit Shares can be distributed. Once it has completed its function, it can be destroyed.

Left Wheat

Why iCredible Digital Asset Custody Solution?

Local Experience
Compliance with new regulations with Turkish banking system experience
Secure Storage

Keep your customers' assets safe, don't risk your reputation

Market Focus

Focus on the need and your growing market share, not the solution

Take The Step

Big changes, starts with a small step. So, Take it. Request a meeting. And let’s talk about how banking industry shift to blockchain paradigm.