iCredible ATM platform is a software defined, cloud ready platform that's based on state of the art technology and provides enhanced customer experience. For customer experience two options are available, HTML5 and native. Both supports touchable and non-touchable responsive UI. It is very easy to integrate with banking systems because of connectivity APIs, and SOA based design.


iCredible VTM platform provides self service ATM applications and video calls to contact centers. The platform also provides integration with scanners, card issuers, printers etc. like a VTM machine, allowing you to access all the functions of an automated branch.

Mobile Banking

iCredible new generation mobile banking provides enhanced customer experience. It is more personal and relevant and it works on any device including mobile phones and tablets.

Internet Banking

iCredible new generation online banking provides the best customer experience with any device, desktop, tablet or mobile.


A computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet.